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NAJM Features

NAJM is composed of multiple interacting intelligent agents of different types within an indoor environment. The system can be used to solve problems that are diffiult for individual robots or a monolithic systems to solve. Intelligence may include some methodic, functional, procedural approach, algorithmic search or reinforcement learning

Autonomous Navigation/

NAJM.WORLD navigation grants fully Autonomous control to the deployed mobile mechatronics that attached to the system with no risk of collision and without the need for implementing artifial guidance to the environment. The system acquires the data from all sensors including safety laser sensore and uses them to create a corresponding map with all details of the surroundings by means of the Global Vision Navigation that relies on radio frequency signals that shape a chain of awareness within the environment.

Advanced Problem Solving Algorithms/

NAJM.WORLD implements analytical and critical decision-making approaches to evaluate problems encountered by the robots in real-time. As the system keeps evaluating the flow of the work to detect any unusual behaviour in the invironment, and if that happenes, the system will formulate the situation mathematically and apply some novel effiient algorithms to resolve it.

Hardware-independent software/

Hardware-independent swoftware designed to bost the effiinse of the decision-making process and grant human worker an authorized access to the system brain. Although system enforces autonomous decision-making; sometimes human interference is necessary for control, management and monitoring the deployed robots.Information gathered by the robots will be analyzed and presented visually to the users. The software has user-friendly interfaces for diffrent user levels.

/Utmost Precision

NAJM.WORLD offrs the following options for highprecisionlocalization of dispatched robots and vehicles in their environment: • Fine localization for precise determination of the vehicle position relative to surroundings. • Fine positioning relies on radio frequency signals broadcasted by beacons and robots devoted for mapping. • CAD-based object recognition and tracking.

/Durable and Maximum Safety.

Deployed NAJM.WORLD’s robots not only can move on their own, but also are able to maneuver around the environment’s objects in a very impressive ways. However, one aspect Arche Info. was putting lots of efforts to develop is safety by means of all actions taken autonomously are subjected to very restricted rules to ensure safe working environment.

/Freely scalable, modular setup

Since the three major hardware parts of NAJM. WORLD (Control Unit, Engine Unit, Sensors Unit) can be assembled on any vehicles, carts, wheelchairs...etc.; the scale of the robot is really flixable and subjected to the business needs. So even if the nature of the business (for any reason) changed in the future; the robot shaps can be remodifie to suits the new situation.

You can learn more about our product by downloading the following brochure. Please feel free to contact us if you need further information (use the contact us form down below).

NAJM In Action

NAJM is designed manly to serve in warehouses. Nonetheless, the usage of the system has been expend to include many other filds, here in this section here in this section we elaborate on the other potential uses of the system (besides warehouses)


Our developers have noticed how diffiult it is to keep moving few small items from the warehouse shelves and stores to the warehouse distribution center. In every single order, a human employee have to go physically to the shelves with his shopping cart to get the items to the distribution center. If it was big warehouse, the process will be slower and harder as the maximum speed a human worker can reached is 3km/h. Our solution provides more effiient way to transport items to their destinations accurately, effiiently and more faster than the traditional approach.

<Picking Items>

When the workers reach the right shelve he will fid his NAJM.Cart waiting for him. All what the worker needs to do is load the cart with items. The moment he completes loading the cart it will automatically move to a pre-designated place (e.g. distribution center) (A>B>C ).

<Goods Unloading>

When the business supplier deliver goods to the warehouse. NAJM will autonomously relocate them to the storage location. (B>C>D).

<Shelves Refiling>

NAJM.WORLD keeps tracking the status of the warehouse shelves. Once they get empty; the systems will send NAJM.Carts to with the needed stocks to the designated shelves, and turn back to home base autonomously when mission accomplished. (F>G>H>E).


Travelers have always faced the challenge of moving their luggage in airports. A published study suggests that, some travelers need physical assistance to move their luggage, and the administrations of airports are ought to provide suitable substantial support for those people. The ways of utilizing NAJM.WORLD in airports is literally limitless. Besides, the ability of getting NAJM mounted on travelers’ trollies and let it move the trollies for them; it also provide them with numerous amount of services as it can lead them to their counters, provide them with a map of the airport, and autonomously go back their home base.

<Picking luggage>

NAJM.Carts will wait travelers at departure and arrival halls. Once the system detects a luggage carrier request; a cart will move to the designated location autonomously.

<Guiding And Guarding>

NAJM.Cart will lead the travelers to their check-in counters and provide them with a map of the airport. Simultaneously, the cart will make sure no one can get an access of the luggage except the owners themselves.

<Getting Standby>

NAJM.Carts return back to home base autonomously when travelers decided that they are not in need to it anymore.

Shopping Malls:

It is reported that shoppers do feel frustrated, and furious if they kept searching for what they come to buy without being able to fid them. NAJM.WORLD has been modifid to address this issue and provide shoppers with the futuristic shopping experience. shoppers can key in a list of items that they need to get to them, and the system will make a recommendations on which to get fist after generate a complete shopping plan and present it to the shopper.

<Shopping Journey>

NAJM.WORLD detects new walking-in shoppers and send carts to them. The cart will suggest new shopping plan suitable for all types of shopper after receive a list of items the shoppers need them the most.

<Entertaining Journey>

If the shopper decided to hang around while they are shopping; the cart will provide them with alternative entertaining plan that includes: restaurants, playgrounds, cinema theaters ..etc. or guide them to other facilities like: public toilets, parking ticket paying machine.


When the shopper decide to check out they will be able to assign a new task to the cart, which is check-out. The cart will then take the shopper to the least crowded cashier. The moment the purchasing process gets completed, the cart will take the groceries to the shopper car the will return back the home base.

Concept Movie of NAJM:

We have created an intelligent system based on a novle methodology invented by us for autonomous navigation vehicles in the mobile robotics fild. Watch the following movie to learn more about our product.

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